Eine Geschichte die das Leben schrieb


Two strangers meet in London.

They start a conversation but they have to use their dictionary quite often…


A: „Hallo, Sir, how goes it you?“

B: „Oh, thank you for the afterquestion.“

A: „Are you already long here? Can you tell me about this town?“

B: „No, first a pair days. I am not out London. You overasked me!“

A: „Thunderweather, that overrushed me. You see but so out.“

B: „That can yes beforecome. But now what other: My hairs stood to mountain as I the traffic saw, so much cars gives it here.“

A: „You are on the woodway if you believe that in London horsedroveworks go.“

B: „Will we now beer drink go? My throat is outdried. But look, there is a guesthouse, let us man there go in!“

A: „That is a good think! Equal goes it loose. I will only my shoeband close. I must have my earlypiece! Okay, I shall pay it, yesterday I got my gostop over meadows.“

B: „Here we are. Make me please the door open.“

A: „But there is a beforehangingcastle. Auf Wiedersehen!“

B: „Nanu, Sie sind Deutscher?“

A: „Ja, Sie auch? Das wundert mich aber. Ihr Englisch ist so hervorragend, dass ich es gar nicht bemerkt hätte.“


And then they made them me nothing you nothing out of the powder…